Phottix has just launched its new Premio Parabolic Umbrellas series, a replacement for its previous Para-Pro product lineup. The Premio series boasts an entirely new locking mechanism that is both simpler and stronger than the version found on the Para-Pro models, as well as deeper umbrellas and fiberglass spokes.

In all, there are eight versions of the Premio umbrellas you can put together: 47in / 120cm and 33in / 85cm umbrellas can be purchased in either 'shoot-through' or 'reflective' models, with reflective black backing available for the shoot-through models (2 stops of additional light) and white diffusers available for the reflective models.

All four models, plus reflective backing and diffusers, are available now at the following prices:

  • 85cm Reflective Umbrella: $45
  • 120cm Reflective Umbrella: $55
  • 85cm Shoot-through Umbrella: $40
  • 120cm Shoot-through Umbrella: $50
  • 85cm White diffuser: $15
  • 120cm White diffuser: $25
  • 85cm Black backing: $15
  • 120cm Black backing: $25