Net SE, the company behind Oprema Jena, Meyer Optik Görlitz, Emil Busch, C.P. Goerz, Ihagee and A. Schacht products has been removed from the German stock exchange and has subsequently filed for insolvency.

According to documents on Net SE's website, the de-listing occurred on July 2nd, 2018. Roughly two weeks later, on July 17th, 2018, the company filed for bankruptcy.

An exact cause for the filings isn't mentioned, but on multiple Kickstarters (1, 2, 3, 4) for various lenses manufactured by its portfolio companies, a message was shared detailing an unfortunate car accident that nearly claimed the life of Dr. Stefan Immes, the 'main investor' and CEO of Net SE.

It appears a large number of backers are yet to receive lenses and accessories they pre-ordered

In the message, which was shared as an update to Kickstarter backers, the Net SE crowdfunding team notes that due to Dr. Immes inability to return to work in the 'foreseeable future [...] a large number of changes' need to be made regarding the restructuring of the organization. The update says Net SE 'will need until the end of October to be able to share our conclusions on how to proceed.'

Based on comments and criticism across the multiple Kickstarters Net SE companies have going on, it appears a large number of backers are yet to receive lenses and accessories they pre-ordered. Many are calling for refunds on pledges that weren't fulfilled.

It's unknown what the future holds for Net SE and its portfolio of companies. We'll stay on top of this story and update accordingly. If you have any insight, don't hesitate to drop us a line in the comments below or through our tip line.