Aurora Aperture has introduced Adapter Mount Format (AMF), a filter system designed for mirrorless mount adapters. Unlike filters that are positioned over a lens, the AMF filters are small and rectangular with a design that drops into mount adapters, positioning the filter behind the lens. The AMF filter product line includes the company's PowerUV, PowerND, PowerGND, and PowerDusk filters.

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Aurora Aperture presents its drop-in filters as having multiple benefits over traditional lenses, which are mounted on the front of the lens. By positioning the lens in the mount adapter, a single set of filters can be used for each adapter rather than needing the same filter in different thread sizes for each lens. As well, the AMF filters are smaller and therefore easier to carry with a lower cost.

Any lens that supports any of the four mirrorless mount adapters can be used with the AMF drop-in filters, including ultra-wide-angle lenses that don't feature a front filter thread.

With the exception of the PowerDusk filter (which is based on neodymium glass), the AMF filters are made from Schott B270 glass. The drop-in filters also feature multi-layer nano-coatings for light reductions, as well as a PFPE-based nano-coating for easily removing dust, oil, water, and dirt. Compared to the 6000 series aluminum alloy used in competing lens filters, Aurora says the 7051 aluminum alloy used on the drop-in filters is aerospace-grade and twice as strong.

Aurora Aperture is funding the AMF drop-in filters on Kickstarter, where it is offering a single filter for pledges of at least $44 USD, two filters for $86 USD, all the way up to 10 filters for $348 USD or a full kit for $372 USD.

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