Today, VSCO introduced Preset Views, an interface change within its mobile application that makes it easier to see how presets look on your photos.

The new feature provides three new viewing options when adding presets to your photos. In addition to the standard view, VSCO now lets you see previews of each preset in various sizes, from small thumbnail to full-width photos.

"The feature is designed to help creators continue to evolve their creativity by encouraging them to step outside of their comfort zones and experiment with different presets," says VSCO.

VSCO also added a new grouping function that makes it easier to see what presets work best with certain types of photo. Until now, presets were only grouped in the various collections VSCO introduced. You could rearrange them as your needs desired, but it's a time-consuming process. And you still have to know what presets work best for various types of photos.

Now, you can get a better feel for what filters work best for portraits compared to those more suited for landscapes or urban environments. It also includes groupings of filters such as "monochrome" or "vibrant" for images that would look better as black and white or those that could use a little saturation.

The new features should be live across VSCO for both Android and iOS smartphones. If you don't have VSCO, you can download it for free for both Android and iOS.