Any flat surface serves as a tripod for the HiLO lens. 

The detachable HiLO Lens accessory for the iPhone and iPad lets mobile photographers take photos and video from interesting new angles. 

The HiLO Lens sticks onto the iPhone4/4S/5 or iPad 3 via a material that uses micro-suction to adhere to the device's rear-facing camera lens. The attachment consists of three internal lenses and a prism, and works with the HiLO Lens app to correct the accessory's mirroring action. The lens creates a perfect right angle perspective, but can't be adjusted further once adhered to the device. 

The HiLO lens sticks directly onto the camera lens of a compatible mobile iOS device ...
 ... and uses three internal lenses and a prism to capture the image. It's compatible with some cases.

In addition to making high- and low-angle shots easier, HiLO Lens allows users to lay their device down on a tabletop or other flat surface while shooting without needing a tripod. A voice activated shutter option in the app allows users to control capture remotely.

Tacking on additional glass to your camera lens will affect image quality. HiLO's makers warn that this will be most noticeable in low-light conditions.

Image samples from HiLO show how low the attachment can go.
Examples taken in bright conditions look fair, but low-light scenarios may show the consequences of adding more glass to your lens.

The project got its start on Kickstarter through which supporters invested a total of $38,000 to see the HiLO concept come to fruition. Creator Mark Hampton is currently in China to inspect product samples before the first production run gets under way. 

We caught up with Hamptom just before he left to see where the project stands. 

"There have been major improvements to the product based on feedback from Kickstarter," Hampton told us. "We added a robust aluminum case for the lens with a keychain loop."

 HiLO creators have added an aluminum case with a keychain loop for the HiLO Lens.

Additional modifications have been made to the lens optics to make the product compatible with some device cases.

The HiLO lens is expected to be available to Kickstarter supporters by March, and more widely available come April.