Darktable, an open source Lightroom alternative, has released a major update with a number of new modules, features and updates.

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Darktable version 2.6.0 is the result of more than 6 months of work, consisting of more than 1600 commits, 260 pull requests and 250 issues that have been resolved. The resulting updates include a new retouch module, a filmic module, a redesign of the color balance module and more.

The updated retouch module is essentially an updated version of the spot removal tool that includes a whole new collection of tools to get unwanted artifacts out of images. Cloning has been drastically improved and a built-in split frequency module makes it easy to remove blemishes without losing texture.

A subsection of the retouch module new to darktable 2.6.0

The new filmic module in darktable 'was designed to reproduce the good properties of analog film, while giving you the easy controls of digital photography,' according to the darktable 2.6.0 announcement post. The filmic module is effectively a spin-off of the curves tool with more adjustments to precisely dial in the exposure. Blacks, whites, contrast, local contrast and more can all be adjusted within the new filmic module.

A subsection of the new filmic module in darktable 2.6.0

Also added in darktable version 2.6.0 is a new duplicate manager. This new tool makes it easy to create multiple versions of Raw files and keep them in a stack for simple organization. Other features include new zoom options, mask previews and an updated color picker tool.

For a full rundown of all the new features, modules and tools, head over to darktable's announcement post. It's a long read, but full of the wonderfully geeky insights we've come to expect from the darktable team.

Darktable is available to download for free for a macOS, Windows, and a number of Linux distros. Find out more information on how to download darktable here.