Adobe is promoting its stock photo service with a 'limited edition clothing line' celebrating such stock photo atrocities as 'laughing woman eating healthy vegetable salad' and 'smiling seniors using laptop.' The campaign pokes fun at famously bad images that services like Shutterstock are rife with, and commemorates the images by putting them on t-shirts and sweatshirts. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your views on ironic t-shirts, none if it is actually for sale, but you can view the whole collection in a mock lookbook

The promotion rests on the premise that Adobe Stock weeds out the so-called low quality images found in other stock websites, saving creatives from spending time sifting through the cheesiest of photos. It's also worth noting this comes just after the news that Shutterstock is now offering a Photoshop plugin, making it possible for designers to access their extensive collections within Adobe's own software.