In a video published on YouTube, Ricoh has announced details of its upcoming flagship Pentax APS-C DSLR. The company was originally going to make the announcement at CP+ 2020, but the show was cancelled due to the coronavirus. A prototype of the camera was shown at an event in the Netherlands last fall.

According to Ricoh, the most notable feature on this as-yet-unnamed camera is its entirely new optical viewfinder, which uses a special glass that 'excels in refraction'. The company is targeting a magnification of 1.05x (0.7x 35mm-equivalent), which is the same as on the full-frame K-1. An eye sensor below the viewfinder automatically dims the LCD panel, and the eye cup protrudes further away from the back of the camera than previous models. The shape of the pentaprism is a bit different, as well.

Ricoh claims that autofocus subject tracking has been improved, without providing further detail.

A battery grip will be available for the camera, which will share the same dials and AF joystick as the body.

Ricoh says that despite the coronavirus pandemic delaying the introduction of the camera, the company hopes that it will still ship on schedule by the end of the year.