A comparison between the 24mm F/2 Aporia and a standard Leica body cap.

Boutique Japanese optics manufacturer MS Optics has released its latest bespoke lens, a 24mm F2 pancake lens for Leica M-mount cameras.

The MS Optics Aporia 24mm F2 M-mount lens is a return to Miyazaki’s specialty — wide-angle pancake lenses. This Gauss lens is barely larger than a Leica M body cap, yet manages to pack inside six elements in four groups and a focusing range from .5m (1.5ft) to infinity.

We promise that's a lens on the Zeiss Ikon.

According to MS Optics founder and lens designer, Mr. Sadayasu Miyazaki, Gauss lenses tend to struggle with ‘coma flare from mid-frame into the corners causing reduced contrast and peripheral light falloff.’ Miyazaki says it was a struggle to get around this shortcoming, he’s managed to ‘bring it to a satisfactory level of performance’ thanks to low-dispersion elements.

The lens measures just 50mm (2”) diameter, 5.8mm (.23”) thick and weighs just 45g (1.59oz) — roughly the weight of a golf ball. Below are a few sample photos, captured by Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter (JCH):

The 24mm F2 Aporia is being stocked in very limited numbers on the JCH website in gold, black chrome and silver chrome. Right now all models are sold out, but Bellamy Hunt of JCH tells us units are currently being put through quality assurance and will go live ’in the coming weeks.’