The Poppy uses mirrors to capture 3D video and stills with your iPhone, no batteries needed.

Even if you're not old enough to have seen the world through the stereoscopic lenses of a plastic View-Master, it's likely you've at least read about them. The developers behind Poppy recently raised almost five times their funding goal on Kickstarter and are now taking pre-orders for an analogue device that captures 3D video and still images on the iPhone. It also doubles as a viewer for iPhone 3D capture, commercial and YouTube 3D movies, 3D games and even vintage stereograms.  

Operation is pretty basic: just place your iPhone in the designated slot, twist the front mirror element into position and you're good to go. It captures two images and merges them into a 3D video or still image that can be viewed through Poppy or with red/blue 3D glasses. A companion app has been developed and is capable of combining two stereo images into "Wiggle" GIFs, but doesn't seem to be available for download yet. 

The Poppy is compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and fifth generation iPod Touch. It's  available in black ($69.99) or white ($74.99) and can be pre-ordered now. The estimated ship date for non-Kickstarter backers is January 2014.