Update: Comparing this image to the size of previous DJI lens mounts, and noting the 3:2 aspect ratio of the sensor, we're confident the leaked image shows a 1"-type sensor, which typically lend themselves well to fast readout for video. It would be the first time since Nikon's 1 System that we've seen a ILC system based around a 1"-type sensor.


A pair of images show what may be the upcoming DJI Phantom 5 drone featuring an interchangeable lens camera. The drone model hasn't yet been announced and details about it aren't yet officially available. However, leaks and rumors surrounding the drone have increased in past weeks, one of the most recent coming from Twitter user OsitaLV.

A drone said to possibly be the DJI Phantom 5 is featured in two tweeted images. The drone itself is mostly blurred, the only exception being a dark armature and what appears to be a silver or grey body. The drone's camera, however, is featured front and center, appearing to reveal the presence of an interchangeable lens system.

The same user claimed in a later tweet, "DJI said that the leaked photo of the [Phantom 5] is a customized drone for designated users, not for sale." The user expressed skepticism about that claim, but no official statements have been made. OsitaLV again tweeted a leak later on, that one a sketch featuring a drone said to be the Phantom 5.

An interchangeable lens camera isn't beyond the realm of possibility. In October, DJI introduced the X7 camera, a Super 35/APS-C system created specifically for aerial use. Rather than build on an existing platform, DJI engineered its own camera, lens mount, and four cinema primes for the system at launch. Though we usually think of DJI as a drone company, it's now a camera company as well, and it's reasonable to assume it will leverage that expertise across additional products.

According to the tweet containing the image above, the DJI Phantom 5 drone features an aluminum shell, a plastic GPS antenna cover, and plastic landing gear. The leaker's credibility as a source isn't clear, however. It's expected that DJI will announce the Phantom 5 model later on this year.

Via: PhotoRumors