Shutterstock has announced the launch of its first augmented reality feature. The new tool 'View in Room' has been added to the company's iOS app; customers can use it to preview stock images as virtual artwork on their office or home walls before deciding whether to make the purchase.

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The 'View in Room' feature can be used with any of the millions of images available on Shutterstock, according to the company, which powers the tool with its own computer vision technology and the iOS ARKit framework. The feature first arrived as a hack to the future employee hackathon project.

According to Shutterstock, a growing number of its customers are purchasing images to use as artwork or decor. The augmented reality feature enables them to preview exactly what the final product would look like on their wall, eliminating the need to visualize it using less precise methods.

The Shutterstock iOS app can be downloaded from the App Store here.