In March, Instagram announced plans to reorder user feeds using an algorithm, eliminating the chronological arrangement and replacing it with a personalized order that prioritizes content based on a user's behavior. In a recent blog post, Instagram announced that it is now rolling out these reordered feeds to all of its users.

The initial feed change announcement was not well received; many users worried it would result in decreased usability, and a petition attempting to halt the plan garnered about 160k signatures. Still, Instagram went ahead and introduced the reordered feeds to small groups of users over the past couple months, expanding that rollout to all of its users over the course of June.

According to Instagram, users on the service don't see approximately 70% of the content in their feeds. Reordering the feeds based on an algorithm will, in theory, ensure users see the content they're most interested in while pushing the less desirable photos and videos to the fringes. In the past, Facebook enacted a similar feed change that replaced chronological posts with algorithm-based arrangements, but many users complained they no longer saw posts from people they were interested in.

The Instagram feed change hasn't been wildly popular with some users who have already seen the update, judging from comments on Twitter using the hashtag #InstagramUpdate. They cite trouble finding newer posts, less posts surfaced from accounts they enjoy and difficulty seeing what others are up to in real-time.

Via: Instagram