Popular iOS camera app Halide has received its latest update. Halide version 1.10 comes with a new Smart HDR feature, an improved watch app for the Apple Watch Series 4 , and more.

Smart RAW is a feature specifically designed for the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models. In a recent blog post Halide founder Sebastiaan de With detailed how the new iPhones tend to use higher ISO values and more aggressive noise reduction than previous iterations, presumably to enable Apple's new SmartHDR feature and/or reduce motion blur on moving subjects.

Smart RAW uses an exposure logic that is different from the default iPhone camera and uses lower ISOs for lower levels of noise and better image detail in Raw files. The feature is unnecessary on the iPhone X or 8 as those older models use smaller sensors and are by default programmed to use the lowest possible ISO setting.

The update also brings a feature that lets you easily compare JPG image output to its Raw counterpart, allowing you to decide which format is best for a particular job. The Halide watch component has been optimized for the larger screen on Apple's new Watch Series 4.

The developers say they have also done some cleaning up of the code and have shrunk the app down to half the size of the previous version. You can download Halide version 1.10 now from the Apple App Store for $5.99.