Mastin Labs, which is probably best known for its Lightroom and Photoshop presets, has applied its film emulation know-how to the mobile sector and launched the Filmborn app for iOS. The app is advertised as a full-blown replacement for Apple's stock camera app, with features such as gesture-based white balance and exposure, advanced editing mode, batch processing and image library functions.

Image by Kirstin Mckee, iOS FILM: Fuji 160NS

However, the app's real selling point are the 9 film emulations users can choose from, including Ilford Pan F, Fuji 400H or Fuji 800Z. Each 'digital emulsion' is customizable, allowing you to adjust it to your personal style. The app also provides some educational content that explains what capture situation or what skin tones a simulation mode is best suited for. There is also a 'Camera Manual' where Filmborn users can learn more about analog film processing and how it translates into the controls and features offered by the app. So, Filmborn is also an interesting tool for those who like the idea of developing film but prefer to 'practice' digitally first.

If this sounds interesting to you you can find more information and sample images on the Filmborn website or download the app for free from the Apple App Store. Some advanced tools are available as in-app purchases.