Australian-based audio company Rode has announced the latest addition to its lineup of professional broadcasting microphone with the release of the NTG5.

The new microphone features a new ‘groundbreaking’ acoustic port design that replaces the linear slots found on other shotgun microphones with circular acoustic ports. This change, according to Rode, is a ‘revolutionary design’ yields ‘unmatched acoustic transparency, and a natural, uncoloured sound that will sound superb in a wide variety of applications.’

Rode says the frequency response of the NTG5 has been ‘tailored’ for low self-noise of 10dbA and features a ‘highly directional’ supercardioid polar pattern. The redesigned microphone features RF-bias technology and conformal coating to keep it protected against adverse weather conditions. It’s also incredible light and compact thanks to its aluminum construction, weighing just 76g and measuring in at 203mm long.

The NTG5 comes with a complete recording kit, including the new WS10 windshield, a redesigned pistol grip and cables for connecting to cameras and recorders. Rode says the NTG5 is ‘shipping now’ for $499, but we’re yet to see it available on any major retailers.