The newly-added selfie feature appeals to the narcissist in all of us and lets you quickly and easily share your photo with friends, family and the world.
Like Instagram and so many other apps, now features nine different filters for your selfies and other photos. is a relatively new (since April) messaging app that allows users to share messages, images and videos with friends and social networks. It's free for iOS and Android devices and has been updated today.

Among the updates is one-tap, easy access to taking a selfie when sending a message through — just tap on the selfie icon to launch the camera and snap a shot. Nine filters have also been added so you can add creative touches to your selfie or other images in your camera roll/library before sharing (publicly or privately). The iPad version has been revamped to adjust the user interface to landscape or portrait orientation. has been called the "global messaging app," which allows you to see and share messages with others around the world. While that's probably not enough of an incentive for most people to download and use the app, it's free, has a good range of functionality for social networking and you can limit who sees your images and videos, so it might be worth a try. And, with such easy access to taking and sharing selfies, we know that there will be at least some people who will, literally, give it a shot.