Nikon has added two new paid tiers to its Nikon Professional Services (NPS) memberships, adding additional benefits if you’re willing to pay the price. The new Pro+ and Platinum+ plans include everything Nikon’s complimentary Pro plan offers while adding additional benefits, including equipment loans, gear checks, cleanings, discounts on repairs and more.

Nikon’s complimentary Pro membership includes access to Nikon’s NPS support hotline, priority repairs, free return shipping on repairs, priority shipping when buying new products through Nikon, access to members-only webinars/meetups/events, a virtual membership card and a welcome gift. To become a member, you must live in the U.S. or U.S. territories, own two qualifying Nikon digital cameras and two Nikkor lenses (here’s a list of qualifying equipment) and be at least 21 years old.

A breakdown of each plan and what it offers. Click to enlarge.

Nikon’s new Pro+ NPS membership includes everything the Pro plan offers as well as five equipment loans, three cleanings and checks, 20% off repairs, free overnight return shipping on repairs, loaner equipment for certain repairs and a ‘premium’ welcome gift. The Pro+ membership costs $150 per year, follows the same requirements as the Pro plan and is ‘For hardworking pros who depend on their gear daily and like to try new Nikon gear before they buy,’ according to Nikon.

A summary of benefits the various NPS memberships offer. Click to enlarge.

The third and most comprehensive membership tier is Platinum+. It offers everything the Pro plan offers as well as 10% off one-time new Nikon product purchases (up to $300 off), ten equipment loans, five cleanings and checks, 25% off repairs, free overnight return shipping, loaners for all repairs and a ‘premium’ welcome gift. The Platinum+ membership costs $300 per year and follows the same requirements as the Pro plan. Nikon defines the Platinum+ membership as ‘The ultimate in professional support and discounts, it can pay for itself with one new gear purchase.’

A visual summary of the requirements needed to apply for an NPS membership.

As for the fine print, Nikon notes all members ‘must be legal residents of the United States (U.S.), U.S. territories, or District of Columbia, be at least 21 years of age and engaged in and derive income from the imaging business as professional photographers or videographers, and own a majority interest in and/or be employed in a photography business or job.’ Benefits are subject to change at any time and the 10% discount for Platinum+ members works at Nikon’s online store as well as participating Nikon Authorized dealers. You can find a full list of terms and conditions on Nikon’s website.