A Tokyo-based startup has successfully crowdfunded a wearable camera concept called Blincam. Much the way Google Glass works, Blincam would attach to a pair of glasses and snap photos when the wearer winks or blinks. According to the team behind the product, the final product will be compatible with a mobile app that immediately provides access to photos taken with the camera.

Blincam is said to feature a patent-pending Eye Movement Sensor that detects when the wearer blinks, as well as an integrated speaker for playing a shutter sound, an LED battery indicator light, Bluetooth connectivity, microUSB, 32GB of internal storage and an 'HD CMOS' camera sensor. 

Blincam Co Ltd, the company behind the campaign, claims to have already developed an alpha version of Blincam, and that it has worked out most of the technical issues. The crowdfunding campaign is intended to raise part of the funds needed to launch the camera. The company anticipates starting deliveries to backers this coming December; as with other crowdfunding projects, however, it is possible the device will never come to fruition.