The wide-angle lens on the Optrix case resembles the video style of the popular GoPro cameras.

Adventurers who want to document their extreme activities can now convert their smartphone into a GoPro-esque device with the waterproof iPhone 5 case with interchangeable lenses from Optrix.

The Xpedition case shown this week at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas comes standard with a polarizing lens to assist in underwater photography. Optrix also makes a 2X zoom, 3X zoom, macro and ultra-wide 175-degree lens. All the lenses are made of glass and produced high-quality results when we experimented with the case at Optrix’s CES booth.

Along with the Xpedition’s interchangeable lens system, Optrix makes claims of great case durability. The case, its says, can survive being run over by a three-ton truck and take crystal clean photos at the bottom of a river.

The ruggedized case is currently available for iPhone 4/4S with a tripod mount for $99 and will be released mount-free in April for the iPhone 5 for $79.99 -- significantly less expensive than the price of a GoPro camera.