Insta360, the company behind consumer 360-degree cameras, such as the Insta360 Go or One X, as well as professional models like the Pro 2, has posted a teaser video hinting at the launch of some kind of multi-purpose or modular camera on the 7th of January.

In the video footage of several electronics items being shredded in a blender is interspersed with various action-cam and drone-filmed scenes and viewers can read the sentence 'our next camera combines an action-cam, a 360 cam, a drone, a 1-inch cam into one.'

It appears the company is close to launching a camera that is capable of providing the functionality of a GoPro-style action cam, presumably a consumer-level 360-cam like the One X, and a camera with 1" sensor, like the Sony RX0. And presumably this camera or modular camera system can be used for aerial filming in conjunction with a drone.

This sounds like quite a unique concept that, depending on pricing, accessory compatibility and other factors, has the potential to appeal to a very wide range of customers. We'll know more on the 7th of January when the new product is scheduled to launch.