Microsoft has announced the Movie Creator video editing app: It is still in beta stage but can already be downloaded and installed free of charge on any Windows 8.1 smartphone or tablet. We have seen some of the best mobile imaging hardware on Windows Phone devices but the app selection remains limited compared to the Android and iOS ecosystems, so this comes as good news to all Windows Phone users who like to shoot and edit video on the go.

Movie Creator lets you create a movie from up to 25 clips you have shot or saved on your device. You can also add still images, animated GIFs and music. As you would expect from a decent video editing tool you can change the order of your clips and cut them to the right length, add text cards, captions, and a range of effect filters. Zooming, panning and rotation are supported as well. The original files are not affected by your editing and remain safely on the device for future use. Once you are done editing the app offers a range of sharing options. 

For those who prefer the software to do most of the work for them Movie Creator supplies a selection of pre-installed themes that apply pre-defined scene transitions, filters and music to your footage. Some of the themes are free but others are available via in-app purchase. If you have a Windows Phone 8.1 device and would like to try the app you should head over to the Windows Phone Store now.

Source: Lumia Conversations