Think Tank Photo has released the Digital Holster 150, a top-loading waist holster designed specifically for use with super telephoto zoom lenses.

Think Tank Photo says the holster was built to replace a backpack for times when you'll only be carrying around one super telephoto zoom lens and an attached camera body. Like Think Tank Photo's other holsters, the Digital Holster 150 is designed to be used with a belt system, such as the Pro Speed Belt V3.0 or other belt system.

The holster features an integrated seam-sealed rain cover, a front pocket that's large enough to hold a 150mm lens filter, an internal pocket for memory cards or lens cloths and an attachment point for monopods or other modular components. There's also an additional divider included so you can pack another smaller lens or accessory if your camera setup doesn't require all of the internal space.

Think Tank Photo has provided two example setups that would fit inside the Digital Holster 150:

• Nikon D5 with 200–500mm F5.6 VR II attached
• Canon 7D Mark II with Sigma 150–600mm F5–6.3 Sport attached

The Digital Lens Holster 150 is available to purchase from Think Tank Photo for $109.75.