Apple has officially joined Instagram. The tech giant has always been conspicuously silent on social media, but as the iPhone becomes an increasingly powerful and popular tool for capturing high-quality photos and videos, Apple finally caved and joined Instagram to share some of its favorite #ShotoniPhone creations.

The news broke yesterday on Mashable, where the @Apple account debuted alongside a few promises: namely, that you will never seen "photo galleries, commercials or other company marketing," on the Instagram account. No, @Apple is all about featuring "curated and credit" photos shot by iPhone users around the world.

Or, put in more inspirational terms by Apple itself:

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So far, the account includes several videos featuring different photographers talking over a slideshow of their work, explaining why they capture the kinds of photos they do.

If you want to be considered for a feature, all you have to do is tag your photos with #ShotoniPhone and wait for a call. According to Mashable, Apple says they will "never use anyone's photos without permission," so that tag doesn't sign away any photo rights or anything... it just puts you on Apple's radar.

Check out the @Apple account for yourself here, and let us know what you think in the comments.