Sharp made a surprising announcement during CES 2019 this week: it's developing an 8K Micro Four Thirds camera, currently referred to as the '8K Video Camera.' YouTuber Kinotika published a short hands-on video (above) with the prototype camera, but details are slim at this time. Sharp reportedly told CES attendees that it will reveal the model's official specs in Q2, possibly at NAB 2019.

According to Kinotika citing Sharp employees at CES, the 8K Video Camera will support 8K video recording at 30fps in H.265 codec. The model, at least at this point in the development process, is also expected to offer a single UHS-II SD card slot, sensor stabilization, and a large 5-inch flip-out display.

Sharp reportedly stated that it is working on a 60fps recording option for a lower resolution, possibly 1080p. Other features present on the prototype include a full-size HDMI port, audio-in, USB-C, a microphone input, and a headphone jack. Assuming nothing changes by the time an official announcement takes place, the '8K Video Camera' will have a sub-$5,000 price.

Unfortunately, the prototype wasn't functional and additional details aren't available.