This custom underwater 8x10 large format film camera was made for underwater fine art photography, and it can be yours for $5,800. Photo: eBay Auction

When you think underwater photography, a few cameras probably come to mind. Maybe you think of a simple GoPro action cam, maybe a 'rugged compact' like the Olympus TG-5, or maybe you dream of putting your DSLR inside a serious underwater housing. Whatever you think, we can almost guarantee you've never seen anything like this underwater camera.

This custom-built large format 8x10 underwater camera was built to capture fine art photography underwater, and it just popped up on eBay for the not-all-that-unreasonable price of $5,800.

The camera was posted to eBay by swfloridagirl941 before it was spotted by The Phoblographer. Made from aircraft grade aluminum and featuring 2 strobe connection ports, you need 60lbs of dive weights to even use this thing underwater. The monstrous creation "was built around a Schneider Super-Symmar 150mm f5.6 XL Aspheric MC lens with Copal No. 1 shutter and custom No. 2 close-up lens by Century Optics" and the seller is calling it "the first successful underwater 8x10 ever made."

Schneider Super-Symmar 150mm F5.6 XL Aspheric MC lens.

This camera is the real deal, but don't expect "auto" mode performance if you do buy it. You have to surface and change the film between each shot like any other 8x10 field camera, and understanding the optimal focusing distance and optics of this crazy system is crucial if you don't want to waste some very expensive film.

When it does work, though, swfloridagirl941 promises spectacular results: "I have printed a poster size print of a girl underwater at five feet and with a magnifier one can see individual hair on her arm that are tack sharp."

Here's a behind the scenes and sample photo from the eBay auction:

To learn more about this fascinating 8x10 camera, head over to the eBay auction by clicking here. Just be ready to plunk down $5,800 plus about $300 shipping if you're genuinely interested.

Photos © swfloridagirl941, courtesy of eBay auction.