US accessories manufacturer Timelapse+ has announced that its latest on-camera timelapse controller is now on general sale. The Timelapse+ View allows photographers to program complex timelapse sequences and preview them as they happen on its built-in monitor. The controller can itself be controlled via a smartphone app which will also display the progress of a shoot as it is recorded.

Users can select start and end points for focus shifts during the timelapse sequence and determine over how many shots the changes will take place, and the device automatically shifts the focus of the attached camera’s lens during the shoot. Gesture detection allows previews to be activated without the photographer having to actually touch the set-up.

The company says that View also can be connected by Bluetooth to the Dynamic Perception NMX motion controller for moving-camera shots, and the files created are fully compatible with timelapse software LRTimelapse. The device supports a range of DSLR cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony and costs $399.

For more information visit the Timelapse+ website.

Press release

Auto ramping intervalometer enables you to preview your timelapse

Time lapse hardware maker Timelapse+ announced today that after a successful KickStarter campaign, manufacturing for the second batch has already begun, with shipment expected to be around mid-January.

The VIEW ran a successful Kickstarter campaign in April 2016, with Timelapse+ successfully raising $131,337 of its $100,000 goal in 30 days.

The VIEW is a breakthrough intervalometer for cinematographers and photographers that allows for automatic bulb ramping, live time lapse preview -- watched either on the VIEW or a smartphone – and touch-free gesture controls. Since the end of the KickStarter campaign, Timelapse+ has been actively adding new features and working with other vendors to include third-party integrations to the VIEW.

The VIEW now has integrations to automatically connects to the Dynamic Perception NMX motion slider via Bluetooth and LRTimelapse support added to XMP data.

Additional new features include:

  • Automatically optimizes buffer time during ramping
  • Configurable ISO and shutter speed limits for auto ramping
  • Red theme option
  • Power button activates help screen for the currently selected item
  • Supports Canon, Nikon, and Sony Alpha

Elijah Parker, inventor of the view, said, “After reaching both the funding and shipping milestones, I’m excited to start this next phase.”

Pricing, updates, and availability
Retail Price: $399.

Pricing may vary by country for non-USD purchases and additional fees may apply,
including tax and shipping costs. Estimated to ship January 21st, 2017.

About Timelapse+
Timelapse+ is an innovator in hardware for time-lapse and HDR photography, with the original Timelapse+ Intervalometer and the new VIEW Intervalometer.