Photo by pittaya via Flickr. Used under CC license

Hold your horses, all you would-be Egglestons: Kodachrome probably isn't about to make a comeback. In all the excitement about the re-launch of Ektachrome, the Chief Marketing Officer of Eastman Kodak said that the company was going to look into bringing back the iconic filmstock.

The problem was, it was the wrong Kodak. Now, in an interview with, a senior representative from Kodak Alaris, the UK-based company that owns the Kodak stills film division, says it's unlikely, given the need for specialist processing.

Dennis Olbrich, president of the imaging, paper, photo chemicals and film division at Kodak Alaris is quoted as saying 'I would love for it to be Kodachrome, obviously. But it’s a very difficult proposition to get that whole infrastructure back in place.'

He did stress that the company was still interested in re-launching older filmstocks, though. 'We’re already starting to evaluate what other films we could bring back and whether it would make sense to do it,' he said.

Kodak Alaris acquired the stills film division as part of a settlement with Kodak's UK pension scheme, during its restructuring under the US's Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection process. US-based Eastman Kodak manufactures the film on the UK company's behalf and still sells cine film and filmstocks for the movie industry.