Chinese flash manufacturer Godox has launched a new adapter that allows users to attach the company’s round magnetic accessories to regular speedlight-style flash units. The S-R1 adapter uses a clamping mechanism to secure itself around the rectangular head of the flash unit, and then accepts the circular accessories from the AK-R1 range.

Godox round magnetic accessories include diffusers, a snoot, honeycomb grid as well as barndoors and a collection of coloured gels. These were originally designed for the Godox AD200 and H200R flash units, but with this S-R1 adapter they can now also be used on the V860ll, V850ll, TT685 and TT600 hotshoe-style flash guns as well.

Although Godox has specified which of its own flash units this adapter will work with, there is no reason it won’t work with flash guns from other manufacturers that share similar dimensions.

Godox says that the S-R1 is available to buy now, but there is no sign of it in the usual dealers yet and no price has been announced. For more information see the Godox website.