Last month, a rumor surfaced that Sony has a new 'wildlife/sports' lens announcement scheduled for the first week of June. Following that leak, a new Sony 200-600mm F5.6-6.3 G OSS FE lens prototype appeared for sale on Yahoo! Japan's auction website for 20,000 JPY ($185 USD). A number of images were included with the auction, which detailed the lens as 'junk / for parts.'

The auction went live on June 1 and ended at a price of 31,500 JPY ($291 USD) on June 2. The prototype's origins remain a mystery; the product was listed as slightly disassembled with 'unconfirmed' functionality. No box or accessories were included with the product, fueling speculation that the prototype was either stolen or found discarded.

The lens visibly contains Sony branding, as well as the model info stamped into the housing. The company hasn't commented on the auction, which is still visible on Yahoo! Japan, but no longer open to bidding. It's unclear whether the prototype was sold or the auction was cancelled. At this time, the lens doesn't officially exist.