Nikon Japan has published a new teaser video for its forthcoming Z9 mirrorless camera. Little information is shared in the 30-second video, but we do get our first glimpse of the backside of the camera from Nikon itself, revealing at least one detail we haven’t yet seen before.

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Back in July, during the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan, we got our first glimpse of the backside of the Nikon Z9, which we confirmed was being tested by various photographers at the event. While those images showed the button layout and physical interface of the forthcoming Z9 camera, there was one detail that remained unclear—the live view display on the back of the camera.

Note the black tap used around the perimeter of the display in this photograph of the Z9 captured at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

In every photograph of the Z9 captured at the Olympics, the rear screen had what appeared to be gaffer tape covering the entire perimeter of the display. We now know from this teaser video this was done to hide the dual-pivoting display. This new teaser video doesn’t show exactly how far the display can pivot in both directions, but it’s clear it will be able to tilt at least a few centimeters in both landscape and portrait orientations.

A screenshot of Nikon Japan’s teaser website suggesting three more videos are ‘Coming Soon.’

Based on Nikon Japan’s teaser website, it appears we can expect at least three more teaser videos ahead of the Z9 launch.

(Update: October 5, 2021 at 8:30am ET): This article originally stated it was a ‘dual-articulating’ display. We have changed it to ‘dual-pivoting’ display, as this better reflects the motion shown off in the video clip.