Olloclip has announced the launch of three lens kits for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: the Active Lens Set, Core Lens Set, and Macro Lens Set. All three sets, of which there are eight lenses total, are joined by the new Connect interchangeable lens system, which makes quick work of swapping between the various iPhone 7 Connect lenses. The Connect system sits flush with the iPhone's two cameras, and can be used alongside screen protectors up to 0.5mm in width.

According to olloclip, the new iPhone 7 lenses are designed to offer ‘similar perspectives’ to what you get with DSLR lenses; they offer coated glass optics and ‘edge-to-edge clarity.’ 

Core Lens Set ($99.99):

  • ‘Near 180-degree spherical effect’ Fisheye lens
  • ‘Advanced 4-element’ Super-Wide lens with greater than 120-degree field-of-view
  • Macro 15x lens

Active Lens Set ($119.99):

  • Telephoto 2x optical zoom lens
  • Ultra-Wide 155-degree FOV lens

Macro Pro Lens Set ($79.99):

  • Macro 7x lens
  • Macro 14x lens
  • Macro 21x lens

Speaking about the lenses, company founder Patrick O’Neill said, “olloclip is committed to continually enhancing the mobile photography experience. That means giving full respect to mobility with no oversized, heavy lenses and paying strict attention to delivering beautiful photography with the simplest, quickest and most versatile user experience possible."

All three lens kits are available to pre-order now from Olloclip's website and are expected to ship in early November.