If you’re a film photographer with an iOS device, you might find Christopher Curzio’s new app helpful. The new app, MetaLog, is a photo and camera data logging program that makes it easy to capture metadata for your film photography.

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Inspired by the desire to capture the film stock, settings and camera used to capture his film photography, Curzio decided to take matters into his own hands and develop MetaLog. You can keep track of multiple cameras and rolls of film at once, and quickly switch between them to record data for a new image.

The interface is fairly basic, but offers nearly all of the settings and variables you likely need: date, lens, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and even location coordinates. There are even fields for adding what accessories you may have used to help capture the shot, as well as a general notes field for additional details.

You can also keep an inventory of the gear you use, so you don’t manually type in those details every time; you can even include the serial number of your cameras and lenses.

Once the data is logged in the app, you can keep it there to reference once the rolls are developed or export the data as a CSV file.

MetaLog is currently available to download in the iOS App Store for $1.