Eye-Fi was on the receiving end of some serious backlash after announcing the September 15, 2016 End of Life (EOL) date for its X2 and earlier generation SD cards. The company cited security concerns for cards released before March 2015, advising owners that it was very important they 'cease using these products no later than' the EOL date. Customers weren't happy about this, and many vowed to avoid Eye-Fi products altogether in the future, prompting a new announcement from Eye-Fi: it has developed a new software utility that will keep the cards operational past the EOL date.

The new software utility is called 'Eye-Fi X2 Utility,' and customers can download a Mac version of it now. The company hasn’t committed to creating a Windows version of the utility, but states that it is 'exploring the feasibility' of doing so. Though the utility allows images to be transferred to a desktop computer, it doesn't have all the features of Eye-Fi Center and Eye-Fi View, and requires all Eye-Fi software to be uninstalled from the computer before the new utility can be installed.

Furthermore, Eye-Fi warns that it doesn't offer any warranties or help desk support for the utility, and that the new software is  'a one-time release.'

In a post today, Eye-Fi listed the following utility features:

X2 Utility Highlights

  • Support for Pro X2 and all earlier generation products with the “Eye-Fi” branding as well as 3rd party branded cards from SanDisk and Visioneer
  • Activation and set-up of cards to transfer images to a PC or Mac via an infrastructure or direct network connection
  • Transferred images will be saved to a directory of users choosing but will be organized in a date based chronological order
  • Eye-Fi Center software must be un-installed from the PC or Mac prior to installation of the X2U
  • X2U will NOT integrate with Eye-Fi View nor Eyefi Cloud service: it will be limited to desktop transfer only

The company also issued the following advisory:

Today we are releasing the X2U on the Mac (OS X) platform. We will provide an updated notice if and when the X2U becomes available on Windows, and cannot guarantee such availability before the end of August and prior to the shutdown of Eye-Fi Center and Eye-Fi View.

The Mac version of the X2 Utility can be downloaded here.

Via: Eye-Fi