No doubt, Canon's CMOS sensors are capable of capturing some amazing low light video footage. And it's true that Canon cameras can create usable footage in literal darkness. But this new video from Canon... maybe takes it all a bit too seriously. Here's a glance at what the script (probably) looks like:

[Title: Moonbow / a rainbow born of moonlight]

[Scene opens with a dramatic time-lapse sunset over a mountain. Cue the strings.]

[Narrator, in very Movie Trailer Guy voice]: Have you ever seen a rainbow... in the light of the moon?

That's just the first ten seconds. Do yourself a favor and watch the full 4+ minutes to enjoy the full effect of the soaring music, dramatic CGI models and lines like 'By uncovering an unseen world, Canon CMOS sensors contribute to the creation of a prosperous society.'

In all seriousness, the CMOS technology Canon references does push the envelope for extreme low light shooters. Take a look at how one filmmaker uses the ME20F-SH to record video of a meteor shower.