Tether Tools CEO Josh Simons has preemptively apologized for the company's use of an image without the permission of the photographer who took it. In a letter published on December 14, Simons explained that an image used as a placeholder in concept mockups for the company's redesigned website accidentally went live on the final site.

Explaining the process that led to this image's accidental use, Simmons wrote in his letter:

One concept used behind-the-scenes candid images of photographers using Tether Tools’ gear. Behind the Scene Instagram images, similar to what you would see here @tethertools were added For Placement Only (FPO) during the design phase, to show an example of the type of photos that could be rotating regularly on an embedded Instagram API feed. This API mock-up, which included a customer’s Instagram BTS photo, was placed near the footer of one page in the proposed layout.

Over the course of time, through various layouts and edits the design was approved but embedding the Instagram API on this page was overlooked by the web design team. At launch the new website had close to 1,400 pages and finalizing this element on this page was missed. The use of the image was accidental and simply an oversight. The photo was never used in any other way, not in advertising campaigns or print materials, nor to promote any specific product.

Simons says Tether Tools was alerted to the image's presence by a third-party, and that the company has since removed the image and contacted the photographer. The photographer, who is said to be a Tether Tools customer, has been compensated for the image's use and was given an apology for the mistake.

In a statement to Fstoppers, Tether Tools said, "Both parties are satisfied and most of all we are gratified by the nature in which everything was handled."

Via: Fstoppers