Re-creation by UK Military Aviation Authority

A military pilot in the UK is reportedly facing a court martial after his camera became wedged against a military transport plane’s controls, causing it to plunge 4400ft/1300m before the captain regained control. The Ministry of Defense is being sued over the matter, which took place in February 2014, by nine soldiers and one civil servant who were in the plane during the incident.

Per the government's investigation of the matter, the cause was determined to be the pilot's Nikon D5300 camera, which at some point during the flight became positioned against the plane's steering control. When the pilot readjusted his seat position, the seat pressed the camera against the control, causing the plan to drop at a rate up to 260ft/80m per second. 

According to The Times, the lawyer representing these ten individuals says they suffer PTSD as a result of the plane's sudden descent; a total of 198 people were onboard at the time of the incident. The pilot has reportedly been charged with negligently performing a duty, perjury, and making a false record.

Via: Quartz