Tylt's Y-Charge dual USB car charger can charge two devices simultaneously via USB.
Tylt's Energi Backpack can charge up to three devices simultaneously.

As any mobile photographer knows, camera and photo editing apps can quickly deplete a smartphone's battery. 

Smartphone accessory manufacturer Tylt showed off some very creative charging solutions at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, and a total of 10 new products.

The company takes an innovative approach with its silicone unibody ribbon design and cable management systems. Large, thick, flat cables replace the easily-tangled thin wires we’re used to seeing in most charging systems. We loved the look of Tylt’s Band Wall Charger (not yet on the company's website) and Band Car Charger which use this ribbon cable, and the Y-Charge dual USB car charger which can charge two devices simultaneously via two 2.1-amp USB ports.

The Energi Backpack was interesting, if bulky. A wearable charging station of sorts, the backpack can charge up to three devices at once through a rechargable 10,400mAh 4.1A lithium ion battery integrated within the bag.