Ricoh Japan has published a page on its website (translated) detailing the Pentax KP IR, an infrared version of its KP camera DSLR released back in 2017.

Like its more standard KP predecessor, the Pentax KP IR features a 24.32-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor. The difference is this version removes the IR filter found on the standard KP so the camera can capture more than just visible light. According to Ricoh Japan, the Pentax KP IR features a sensitivity ranging from 350nm to 1100nm.

A graph from the product page showing the wavelength range the KP IR is capable of capturing.

To further aid in the capture of infrared images, Ricoh has also made it so the live view display will show details not seen with visible light, making it possible to focus on objects you otherwise wouldn’t be able to through an optical viewfinder.

A graphic from the KP IR product page that shows the live view mode in action for focusing on details not seen via visible light.

Ricoh specifically mentions that this model is designed for ‘libraries, museums, research institutes, government agencies, and other specialized institutions’ to aid in capturing, revealing and preserving images with more data than is capable with a traditional DSLR. In fact, Ricoh says it won’t ‘sell to general customers for personal use’ and that purchasers must agree to the ‘Pentax KP IR Use Agreement’ which stipulates what the camera will be used for.

A comparison showing how infrared light can unveil details not seen with visible light.

So don’t plan on getting your hands on one anytime soon, even if you have some extra cash sitting around. Ricoh doesn’t even list the price publicly, instead offering a ‘Contact Us’ button for purchase inquiries.