Camera and lens testing company DxOMark has announced an updated smartphone camera evaluation protocol that evaluates additional elements encompassing some of the newer mobile camera technologies. This new protocol builds upon the previous version, adding an updated low-light test that evaluates performance down to 1 lux, new bokeh and zoom tests, and a motion-based test.

DxOMark detailed the new mobile protocol on Monday, explaining that it is better capable of evaluating phones packing the newest mobile camera capabilities, particularly ones made possible by dual-camera hardware. The company has re-tested some top-tier phone models under the new protocol, finding that in some cases scores increased when looking at features like low-light performance, bokeh, and zoom.

A detailed analysis of the new protocol versus the old protocol sheds some light on what DxOMark is looking for in these new categories, as well as charting the score changes some phones experienced under the new protocol. The company also offers a more in-depth look at the new protocol in a blog post.

Via: Digital Trends