The team behind smartphone accessory ShutterGrip is back with an updated version of the product called ShutterGrip 2. The new iteration of ShutterGrip has been refined to offer improved ergonomics and appearance, adding a metallic finish and a non-slip grip.

In addition to its built-in selfie stick, the ShutterGrip 2 features a threaded 1/4-inch tripod mount, integrated hex wrench for tightening the hinge, a cold shoe for mounting accessories, support for both right- and left-hand usage, as well as vertical and landscape modes for different shooting styles.

ShutterGrip 2 is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones using Bluetooth 4.0. With an assumed average of 500 button presses per day, the ShutterGrip 2's battery will last for six months of continuous use or 18 months in standby mode using a CR2032 button battery. Despite its various features, the device is compact at 190mm x 76mm (7.49in x 2.99in).

The ShutterGrip 2 is compatible with the iPhone 5 and newer models, as well as the Samsung A6+ through the flagship Galaxy S10 and Note 10 handsets. Eary bird units are being offered to Kickstarter backers who pledge at least $35; shipping is estimated to start in February 2020.

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