Google was recently granted a patent it filed in 2013 that details a hat with a built-in camera system able to pair with a mobile device for the purpose of ‘interactive sessions.’ While a baseball cap in particular seems like a somewhat odd choice for a wearable, the system itself sounds fairly straight-forward as a portable studio of sorts for live broadcasting video and snapping photos.

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The system revolves around the camera, but includes related technologies to encompass a complete system. This system includes a speaker that transmits audio to the user via bone conduction, a module that uses vibrations to direct the user's attention from one side to another, and a microphone, as well as a built-in battery to power it all.

The intended purpose for the wearable camera system appears multifaceted. One obvious purpose is capturing content and sharing it via the mobile app whether directly or as a live broadcast. The patent indicates the system could also be used for more utilitarian things as well, though, such as getting help from a remote entity (a line worker sharing a problem with someone at a facility, for example).

Whether this patent will ever be turned into a consumer product -- and whether that product would actually be based around a baseball cap -- is unclear at this time.

Via: Mashable