DxOMark has given RED’s 35.4MP Helium 8K sensor its highest overall score ever: 108. This makes the prototype sensor the second ever to exceed the 100 point milestone, joined only by the RED Epic Dragon prototype, which scored 101. DxOMark says the Helium is a ‘solid upgrade’ over the Epic Dragon, offering better color depth, less noise, improved low-light ISO and a greater dynamic range.

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DxOMark explains that while both the Dragon and Helium sensors are ‘physically similar,’ the Helium ultimately offers more densely packed pixels at approximately 3.65 microns each. Less impressive is the organization’s assessment of the dynamic range, which measured at 15.2 stops versus RED’s advertised 16.5+ stops. That is still greater than the Epic Dragon’s DxOMark dynamic range rating of 14.8 stops, however. 

Because both the Helium 8K and Epic Dragon tests were performed with prototype devices, neither model will be officially added to DxOMark’s device ranking list. The company does present a ‘simulation’ ranking that shows where the two models would fall if they were included, however: above the Sony a7R II, Nikon D810, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1R II, and the Pentax K-1.

Via: DxOMark