Law firm Schillings was recently tapped by the UK’s Children’s Commission to rewrite Instagram’s Terms and Conditions in simplified, child-friendly language. The simplified terms of service were included in the Commission’s newly published ‘Growing Up Digital’ report detailing, among other things, ways in which the Internet can help young users become better informed about the websites and apps they use.

At the heart of the report is a concern that children (and many adults) are unable to make informed decisions about the digital services they use due to the difficulty of understanding a service’s terms and conditions. The report cites Instagram’s Terms and Conditions as one example, finding that it contains 5,000 words across 17 pages ‘with language and sentence structure only a postgraduate could be expected to understand.'

Teenagers tasked with reading original Instagram Terms and Conditions report trouble understanding the information and frustration at its length. When given the rewritten TAC, however, which are condensed down to only a couple pages, the teenagers are able to explain the rules, what rights they have, and what rights Instagram reserves.

The full rewritten Instagram Terms and Conditions can be found on page 10 of the Commission's report.

Via: PetaPixel