One industrious Lumix GF7 owner named Eric Strebel has solved his camera's overheating issue with a pretty intense DIY hack. Namely, he added a massive heat sink to the back of the camera.... problem solved.

The entire hacking process is detailed in a video that Strebel uploaded to YouTube, where he explains that his camera would, at times, warn him to let it cool down due to overheating while shooting video. The heat sink, which is attached to the camera using piano wire, is very effective at keeping the camera cool for long recording sessions.

The GF7 features a hinged display that can be flipped up, leaving the back of the camera flat and exposed. It is on that portion of the camera that Strebel mounted the heat sink, which he harvested from an old PC. A drill press was used to machine the heat sink to size, while piano wire was bent and utilized as a removable attachment point for mounting the heat sink onto the camera.

The entire project, explains Strebel, took about 4 hours to complete.