Some iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max owners are experiencing an interesting issue that’s causing the camera module inside their new devices to shake uncontrollably when opening certain apps that require use of the rear-facing cameras.

As visible in the video below, shared to Twitter by YouTuber Luke Miani, opening Snapchat and using the main 48MP camera on the rear of his iPhone 14 Pro causes the image on the screen to jitter back and forth so quickly the entire scene is constantly rendered blurry, and there’s even a rattling noise you can hear in the video. Other owners of Apple’s new iPhone 14 Pro models are also experiencing the issue in Instagram and other third-party camera applications.

It’s unclear exactly what the issue is, but it’s likely rooted in the second-generation sensor-shift image stabilization technology Apple is using inside its latest high-end iPhone models. Considering the issue doesn’t appear to impact the default iOS camera app for any of the users reporting this issue, the only logical conclusion is certain apps are triggering the sensor-shift image stabilization to shake out of control.

This could be due to an error in Apple’s camera API that allows third-party developers to access the features of its devices' camera modules, or due to the third-party developers having code that hasn’t properly been written for Apple’s new devices. Either way, the selective way in which the error is triggered by some camera apps but not others suggests something as simple as a software update or app update can rid these iPhones of their camera shake issues.