Two days ago Google announced that it will stop providing updates for its Nik Collection suite of plug-in photo editing tools via a banner at the top of the Nik Collection site. Now a Nik user, Sascha Rheker from Germany, has launched a campaign on the petition site that aims to persuade Google to reverse its decision and continue to provide updates and add features to the Collection.

On the petition page Rheker writes: 'Today, with no real competitor, photographers depend on the Nik Collection and would have been willing to pay, to be able to keep it. Especially for their important black & white work. A company like Google who claims to contribute to the preservation of mankind's heritage by scanning millions of books, should also show some responsibility towards the photographic community, as photographs are a part of mankind's cultural heritage.'

It seems unlikely the software giant from Mountain View will change its mind but the petition has already been signed by more than 1000 people. If you agree with Sascha you can add your name and signature on as well.