Artboard, a photography gear company located in Hong Kong, has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the Funleader CapLens 18mm F8.0 lens, a small, slim, and lightweight ultra-wide model with a fixed aperture. The lens can double as a camera body cap, according to Artboard, offering protection while retaining the option of quickly snapping 'playful' images.

The Funleader CapLens 18mm F8.0 isn't intended to offer a high level of quality, Artboard explains; rather, the company launched this model to give photographers 'a lens for playful usage.' The lens offers greater color accuracy and detail when compared to a Lomo camera while retaining a similar vignetting effect.

The lens features 6 elements in 4 groups, multi-coated glass, a 0.8m minimum focusing distance, and 100-degree FOV. The model is constructed from brass with a chrome plating finish and it is ultra-light at 80g (2.8oz). Below is a gallery of a few low-resolution sample photos:

Artboard is offering the Funleader in Sony E-mount and Leica L-mount as a reward for Kickstarter pledges starting at HK$833 (approx. $107). Assuming the campaign is successfully funded and the lens is produced as anticipated, the company expects shipping to backers will start in December 2019. You can find out more information and secure your pledge by heading to the Kickstarter campaign.

Disclaimer: Remember to do your research with any crowdfunding project. DPReview does its best to share only the projects that look legitimate and come from reliable creators, but as with any crowdfunded campaign, there’s always the risk of the product or service never coming to fruition.