Benro has unveiled its new X Series family of gimbals for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras and smartphones. The product lines feature the Benro X Series 3XM, 3XD, 3XD Pro, 3XS and 3XS Lite, all of which can be folded for more compact storage.

Benro X Series DSLR and Mirrorless Gimbals

The Benro X Series line for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras features the 3XM for payloads weighing up to 3.9lbs, the 3XD for weights up to 8.3lbs, and the 3XD Pro with a dual-handle design and the ability to carry ‘most cameras.’ All three models feature a foldable handle and are designed to maintain their ‘balanced configuration’ for rapid deployment and use.

The 3XM gimbal weighs 1.9lbs and is designed for mirrorless cameras. This model features an interchangeable battery that lasts around 12 hours per charge and a design that enables the gimbal to be rotated 90-degrees for ideal use in underslung mode. When folded for storage, the 3XM is only around half of its unfolded height. This model costs $399.

The 3XD model is designed for DSLRs with a total capacity up to 8.3lbs, meaning it can handle, as an example, the Canon 1DX Mark II with the 24-70mm lens. This gimbal features the same 90-degree adjustable handle offered on the 3XM, but also with a 45-degree roll motor offset to increase the camera's rear LCD visibility. This model is priced at $499.

Rounding out the X Series for DSLRs is the 3XD Pro, a T-shaped dual-handle model with support for underslung and handlebar configurations. This model can likewise be rotated 90-degrees and eliminates the need for a balancing stand. A microphone can be mounted to this model's crossbar and plugged into a 3.5mm input on the handlebar or near the gimbal head.

The model also features mini HDMI ports near the gimbal head and on the crossbar for displays mounted on the gimbal's mounting points. As well, operators can connect the gimbal to and control certain camera models directly. This model is available for $699.

All three Benro X Series gimbals work with a companion smartphone app featuring calibration and adjustment features, access to functions and support for upgrading firmware.

Benro X Series Smartphone Gimbals

Joining the three new DSLR and mirrorless camera gimbals is Benro's X Series line for smartphones. This product family features the 3XS and 3XS Lite, both offering a foldable design and compact sizes for storage in tight spaces. Both the 3XS and the 3XS Lite sport a clamp design for accommodating differently sized smartphones and both can be rotated between portrait and landscape orientations using a button.

As well, both gimbals are designed to provide access to a smartphone's ports in either orientation. A 2000mAH battery powers both the 3XS and 3XS Lite, offering up to 24 hours on a single charge. Smartphone control, including over the gimbal head and shutter/record/zoom/focus functions, are available both on the gimbals and in the products’ companion app.

Likewise, both models feature a 3.5mm input for an external microphone, a 1/4"-20 threaded mounting hole and a built-in cable passthrough. Unlike the 3XS Lite, the 3XS model offers both wired and wireless charging, the latter of which is applicable to smartphone models that support wireless charging.

The Benro X Series 3XS Lite is available for $99 and the 3XS for $129.