There are countless apps capable of splitting up a panorama photo so it can be put side by side into an Instagram post, but Panoram appears to be one of the first apps to offer this sort of capability for Instagram/Facebook Stories (or Snapchat).

Panoram is currently an iOS only app for the time being. As its name suggests, Panoram will take a panoramic photo and split it into three separate frames that can then be uploaded to Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat so they can be viewed as a single image when viewers tap through their feeds. Cropping the photo is done directly in the app using a basic overlay.

The app itself isn't too special, but its do one thing well approach makes it a nice app to keep around for when needed. Currently there's no option for additional frames, so don't count on using ultra-wide panoramas.

Panoram is free to download in the iOS App Store. The free version contains ads and plasters a watermark on the final panorama, which can be removed with a $1 USD in-app purchase.